Wave Soldering Machine Oven Top 450 series computer control LED power driver soldering

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Guangdong, China
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100 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Standard wooden export package 2200MM(L)*1400MM(W)*1650MM(H)
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Top 450 series computer control wave soldering machine

Product Features:

 streamlined shape design, internal modular design, suitable for SMT and DIP parts of lead-free soldering;
 Full PC + PLC control system, Windows XP operating system;
 Move the use of rodless cylinder head drive, the German Siemens PLC control, stable and reliable; (stepper motor option)
 Flux automatic supply system with air pump and liquid level monitoring device, to maintain constant supply of flux;
 patented nozzle design, the peak width can be automatically adjusted with the PCB board size. To achieve ultra-low oxidative capacity;
 electrical components are all imported brands, all signal lines shielded;
 Warm up area using micro-hot air can speed the design cycle, the heating effect is more uniform;
 preheating system uses four sections individually controlled to ensure the welding process;
 Windows XP operating system, control software to support any switch in the English line;
 with intelligent fault diagnosis, automatic recording device status and operation of different users;
 Drive chain structure with double claw, to strengthen the adaptability of various PCB;
 track the use of force profiles, hardened, durable;
 Chain claw width can be adjustable with the PCB board size;
 automatic welding supply equipment to help economy. And installation of automatic cleaning device .. spray more effective protection nozzle clean;
 Stainless steel welding and exhaust filter to help economic spray device, a drawer-type modular structure to facilitate cleaning;
 patented nozzle design, the peak width can be automatically adjusted with the PCB board size. To achieve ultra-low oxidative capacity;
 precision welding flat multi-directional wave-shaped knob outside the system, easy adjustment;
 solder wave mode of economic operation, less oxidation, energy-saving;
 the use of centrifugal fans up and down the exhaust, reducing fire hazards;
 external flux sensor design, more reliable and durable;

1 Spray System

-imported special nozzles, atomizing spray area and depth adjustable; and self-cleaning spray device with alcohol;

- rodless cylinder head drive mobile adoption, the German Siemens PLC control, stable and reliable; (stepper motor option)
- flux automatic supply system with air pump and liquid level monitoring device, to maintain constant supply of flux;
- complete flux recovery and ventilation filtration systems, useful environmental protection;

- vehicle-mounted modular spray system, easy maintenance;

(2) preheating system

- preheated using hot air preheating zone 3 +1 micro-segment spotlights infrared preheating zone, plenty of power;
- four sections preheat zone length 1800mm, to do the holding temperature platform;
- preheating zone the whole observation window, the development design;

- heater modular design, easy maintenance;

3 tin furnace system

- molded arc tooth impeller, patented nozzle design to achieve ultra-low oxidative capacity;
- precision welding flat multi-directional wave-shaped knob outside the system, easy adjustment;
- solder wave with the central support system department, to avoid the large deformation of the welded plate negative impact;
- tin stove down and out of the system, and lift automatic limit control device, easy to operate;
- Patent oxidation device to reduce the generation of oxidized black powder;
- external thermal heating, tin stove is not easy deformation, tin-temperature stability;
- tin wave mode of economic operation, less oxidation, energy-saving;
- shock wave peak and lean forward from the low level design, energy efficiency and reduce the amount of oxidation;
- All titanium furnace and vents, corrosion-resistant high temperature, never deformation;

4 cooling system

- Dual cooling zone design, the use of strong cold way up and down the fan, spot light;

5 Transport and width-modulated system

- high-strength special alloy resistance to deformation of rail;
- strengthening the European Li Sheng-specific design to strengthen titanium claws, to ensure reliable transport;
- super flexible positioning screw-width-modulated systems;
6 Control System
- The whole machine adopts Siemens PLC + PC + temperature control module control, stable and reliable;
- electrical components are all imported brands, all signal lines shielded;

- powerful control software, running on Windows Xp system, in English and can switch at any time;

Technical parameters:
PCB Working width                                   0~450mm adjustable standard size
PCB conveyor height                                Max.750±50mm
PCB conveyor direction                            L-R
PCB conveyor speed                               0-2.0m/min
Conveyor path gradient                           3~7
Preheating zone length                            2000mm(4*500mm)
Preheating zone number                         4
Preheating temperature                          0~250℃
Power for preheating                              13kw
Power for heat compensation                 2kw
Solder type                                              lead free welding material/common welding material
Solder volume                                        300-400kg
Solder temperature                                0~350±1℃
Power for solder                                     12kw
Temperature control type                       P.I.D
Solder fluxes                                          10~100ml/min
Refrigeration temperature                     10℃ bellow
Sprayer Moving type                              SMC Rodless cylinder
Power                                                     3 phase 5 lines (5W,3P) 380V
Power for heating up                              25kw
Power for operation Approx.                  8kw
Air supply                                                5kg/cm²
Weight Approx.                                      1800kg
Dimensions L*W*H                                 4500*1500*1750mm



Product name: Automatic Online type LED pick and place machine S10LV Whole production line

0.5-1.2m Semi-automatic solder printer+online conveyor+SMT machine 6-10 heads+conveyor+guide rail chain reflow oven 6/8/10 zones



Product main features:

1. The platform USES the Japanese panasonic servo motor, imported orbit, ensure the stability and control precision of mobile platform.
2. The X, Y axis adopt panasonic servo drive, with imported linear guide, ensure the patch of high precision, high speed, the stability of the first-class.
3. 4 sets high speed post opening work at the same time, greatly improve the equipment performance. Under the suction head adopt the imported guide rail, high precision and long durability.
4. Easy to understand way of graphical programming, greatly improve the convenience of operation, automatic visual auxiliary positioning positioning, accurate, convenient.
5. The selection of a variety of batcher, can satisfy the requirement of different LED packaging components of SMT.
6. Controlled by industrial control computer + independent special controller, system stability, simple operation, easy to learn.
7. Powerful software, programming coordinates using numerical and graphical display, coordinate correction and change is convenient, the production process of graphical display patch progress and components, subsidy is convenient.
8. The software USES the database system, different types of PCB programming can be stored, convenient call, a programming of new products, calling for life.
9. The platform, the Y axis, the X axis can be manually move, free movement speed adjustment, realize arbitrary point can manually to arrive, convenient programming.
10. Imported negative pressure detection system, to accurate detection of absorption material, effectively prevent leakage of material, extractor.
11. A negative pressure generator with built-in, low noise, long service life, vacuum pressure constant.
12. The standard configuration: 1 set of industrial control computer, opening four groups, suction nozzle 12;

13. Optional: matchs outside to 8 mm, 12 mm, 16 mm and 24 mm yamaha feeder; Air compressor;




Technical parameters:



Machine Model


The biggest circuit board area


Maximum moving range

X axis 1220mm, Y axis 430mm

Z axis Maximum moving range


Typical patch speed


Typical LED lens patch speed


The theory of maximum patch speed


positionaI accuracy


Location way

Mark point camera + Visual camera positioning 

Components can be placed

0603 above to 7272 resistors and capacitors, and all kinds of 0603 and 3528, 5050, 5630, 5730, meet placement of SOP SOT chip, and compatible with all kinds of high-power chip SMD componets, LED lens placement

Programm method

Computer graphical programming + visual camera positioning

Feeder applicable

8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 24 belt type feeder, or vibration plate

Number of feeder

Standard placed 18pcs feeders of 8mm or 12mm, or 2pcs 4 channels vibration plate


JUKI nozzle 504, 505 and 506


LED fluorescent tube, soft light belt, power drive, guardrail tube, module, display and other LED applications

operating system


negative pressure

An external air source 0.55MPA

Power and rate

220V, 50Hz, 1.2KW









1, Mount: Mount 0603 to 7272 can meet all specifications of SMD LED components. In addition to all the planar LED plane, other electronic components (such as resistors, capacitors) and high power LED and the lens can be produced.


2, precise positioning: positioning block is the most convenient way to position the substrate, the origin of counterpoint, accurate positioning (accuracy less than 0.05mm). Mount angle range of 0-360 degrees, the accuracy of 0.1 degrees. Each suction nozzle is independent of angle, and six element recognition cameras, in addition to LED lamp can mount the traditional., bulb lamp, lamp, lamp, ceiling lamp, guardrail tube, LED drive power, copper lamp series and so on can be freely mounted.


3, high precision: X, Y, W axis are equipped with precision ball screw and guide rail, Z axis 6 sets of imported motor drive, enhance the smooth coordination of equipment movement, reduce abnormal noise, greatly improve the accuracy and speed of the patch.


4, SMT specifications: platform 1200X310mm, applicable to the current market of 99% LED products;

PCB board can be affixed to various shapes, without clamps, can be affixed 1.2-1.5 meters long PCB board


5, the visual system, visual programming software online programming, which is of high precision digital camera camera, there is no need to manually input elements and positioning coordinates; using visual camera automatic identification, to ensure the accuracy of mount.


6: the software interface is simple and elegant, functional and practical, visual software online programming, display all coordinates in the imposition software, and fine-tuning of the coordinates of the point, in order to achieve high precision mount, without manual input element coordinates, fast and convenient, simple and clear, combined with the actual needs of many LED manufacturers R & D design.


7, YAMAHA Feeder: machine configuration 6pcs 8MM YAMAHA Feida (also optional with Fuji electric Feida), long service life, high stability, fast speed