Large 8 zone reflow oven hot air without rail lead free reflow soldering oven

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Reflow Solder
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
PCB Soldering
AC380V 50-60Hz
Rated Duty Cycle:
Rated Capacity:
Heating method:
Hot Air
PCB width:
Max 480mm
Temperature range:
Room Temperature ~ 300
SMT LED Packaging PCB Welding
Heating Zones:
up8 down 8 zones
Welding Solder Paste
Heating zone length:
1 Year
5200* 1400*1650mm
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100 Piece/Pieces per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
wooden box package
Lead Time :
7 days

Product name: 8 zone Large reflow soldering oven without rail

Model: 8820TOP no rail

Product features:

1 Use of imported heating components, temperature uniformity, high efficiency thermal compensation for CSP, BGA component soldering;
2 Dedicated wind turbine design, ventilation volume, wind speed and stability;
Independent of the temperature zone using forced circulation, independent PID control, the upper and lower independent heating, so the furnace chamber temperature accuracy, uniformity, heat capacity:
3 Warming up quickly, from room temperature to operating temperature < 30 minutes;
4 Imports of high-quality stable high-temperature high-speed motor transport wind, vibration, noise;
5 Furnace dual cylinder (linear actuators) lifting device, safe and reliable;
6 Chain, the transport network with synchronous constant speed, the use of high frequency accuracy;
7 Special high-quality aluminum rail design, the deformation is small, the chain automatic refueling device;
8 UPS power protection, to ensure normal power output after the PCB board without damage;
9 Powerful software, online monitoring of PCB board temperature, and to keep the data curve analysis, storage and printing;
10 Industrial control PC and PLC using MODBUS protocol communication, stable, put an end to the phenomenon of death;
11 Automatic monitoring, display work state, can be amended at any time parameters;
12 Special patented furnace design, good insulation, low power consumption of the industry;
13 High-temperature deformation patent rails, three screw-width-modulated synchronization structure in parallel to effectively ensure the rail, to prevent the out board, card board the occurrence of no-clean, easy to adjust. Capable of automatic and manual-width-modulated operation.
Standard chain constant parallel transport chain synchronization network can process single-sided, double-sided PCB board, an optional dual-rail transportation system.
14 Auto-width-modulated system uses closed-loop PID control, according to the input parameters automatically transferred to the computer needs of the width, accuracy up to 0.2mm.
15 The temperature zone due to modular design, hot wire the motor and heating maintenance and repair easy.

16 Forced air-cooled centrifugal blower system and rosin automatic recovery system.

Product parameters:

Heating area number 8 of 8
Heating zone length:3140 mm
Cooling zone length1100mm
Heating modeAll hot air
PCB maximum width480 mm
Transport directionLeft to right
Conveyor belt mesh belt880 + 20 mm height
Transmissionnetwork transmission
The conveyor belt speed0-2000mm/min
power supply380v  5 line 3 phase 50/60 hz
Start the power36 kw
Normal work power7 kw
The heating time  about 20 minutes
The temperature control rangeat room temperature to 350 ℃
Temperature controlPID control + SSR drive
The temperature control accuracy+ / - 1 ℃
Abnormal alarmtemperature anomalies alarm
Exterior size (length * width * height)5200 * 1400 * 1650mm
The machine weighs 2200 kg




3 Zone Reflow soldeing oven


Product parameters
Number of heating area          3
Heating zone length                1000mm
Heating mode                         hot air
Cooling zone number             1
PCB maximum width              300mm
The left and right mode of transport            (left - right optional)
Belt height                              880 + 20mm
Transmission mode                net
Conveyor belt speed               0-2000mm/min
Power                                      3 line 5 phase 380V or single phase 50/60Hz 220V
Normal power                          4Kw
Working power consumption             Approx1.5Kw




6 Zone Reflow soldering machine



8 Zone reflow soldering oven


Product model: RF-835LS
Product features:

Unique advanced heating system of longevity
The heating system with high efficiency and energy saving of Sweden 110 v nickel flipping hair heat pipe, radiation power peak wavelength 4 um, cooperate with curved reflector, high thermal efficiency, fast temperature rise, special forced hot air circulation system structure, make the PCB and components heated evenly, completely eliminate the "shadow effect".

2. Adopts the solid state relay Taiwan yangming large current output, safe, reliable, combined with the temperature controller of fuzzy control, has been monitoring the change of ambient temperature and heat value, with the minimum pulse control heating device, fast response, guarantee + / - 1 ℃, temperature control precision machine error within the plus or minus 2 ℃, the temperature distribution within the length direction of the temperature distribution in the IPC standards.
3. The temperature control adopts imported fuzzy control and PID intelligent computing precision controller, through the PID intelligent operation, automatic control calorific value, the fuzzy control function increase overshoot and inhibiting function and fast response to external heat change function, the fastest speed response to the change of the external heat and temperature through the internal control to ensure more balanced.
4. Heat pipes module design, convenient maintenance and dismantling.
5. The high temperature and high speed motor adopt Taiwan three, wind smoothly, little vibration, low noise.
6. The furnace can be overall open, is advantageous for the chamber of a stove or furnace clean.
7. With super bad, temperature, fault diagnosis, sound and light alarm
8. Power, heat up quickly, from room temperature to constant temperature of about 15 minutes.
9. Special SSR radiator, radiator efficiency is greatly improved, prolong its service life effectively
10. Using high temperature protection system, furnace are made of special materials suitable for lead-free welding, welding area equipped with rosin flux recovery system, protect the environment.

Reliable and stable transmission system
1. The Taiwan STK stepless variable speed motor drive system, electric belt line speed stepless speed regulator, cooperate 1:15 0 STK turbine reducer, smooth operation, the speed is 200-1800 - mm/min stepless adjustable, and have the accurate digital linear velocity of the instructions.
2. Adopt independent wheel structure and flat support, form a complete set of stainless steel mesh belt, smooth operation, speed precision can be up to + 20 mm/min.
Special stainless steel mesh belt b word, durable wear resistant.Use for a long time variant not easily.
Product parameters:
Heating area number,                                                   8/8
Heating zone length,                                                     2800 mm
Heating mode,                                                              full hot air
Number of cooling zone,                                               2
PCB maximum width,                                                    350 mm
Transportation direction,                                               left to right (or right to left)
The height of conveyor belt, 880±20mm
Transmission Mode,                                                    network transmission
Conveyor belt speed,                                                   0-1500mm/min
power supply, 380v  5 line 3 phase 50/60 hz
Start the power,                                                           28kw
Normal work power,                                                     6 kw
Heating time,                                                                about 15 minutes
Temperature control range,                                         at room temperature to 400 ℃
Temperature control mode,                                          temperature meter control
Temperature control precision, ±1℃
PCB temperature deviation, ±2℃
Abnormal alarm,                                                           temperature anomalies
Appearance size (length * width * height),                   4000 * 710 * 710mm
Machine weight,                                                           550 kg


Large Reflow soldering machine guide rail 8 zone with PC control